Regular Expression in C/C++

Super Light Regular Expression library
An ISO C library that implements a subset of Perl regular expression syntax
Simple API
Dosen’t use heap

A minimalistic regular expression library written in ANSI C, supports the following POSIX expressions: ?,*,+,^,$,.,[a-b],() plus the perl style greedy closures {n} . It can be conditionally compiled to support 8-bits or 16-bits character strings.
Uses heap

A lightweight, robust, and efficient POSIX compliant regexp matching library with some exciting features such as approximate (fuzzy) matching.
Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
heavyish, fully-fledged, Unicode support, industry-standard (used in Apache etc).

C++ library
RE2 is a fast, safe, thread-friendly alternative to backtracking regular expression engines
Support different character encoding

开源字体: source-han-sans (思源字体)

source-han-sans (思源字体)

Adobe 与 Google 联合开发的开源字体, 参见《Introducing Source Han Sans: An open source Pan-CJK typeface


许可:  1.001及其更早采用 Apache 2.0 license

1.002及其以后采用 SIL Open Font License


Google Noto Font:


Updating no-ip ddns on

DDWRT Router:  

with the help of inadyn tool




Linux box:

With the help of noip-udc-linux


Failed Issus:

No direct internet link

   DNS resolve too slow

inadyn:   timeout=IP_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT=20s

noip-udc:   using gethostbyname  linux api to get IP address,  the timeout can be defined in /etc/resolv.conf,  the default value in linux is 5 ms,

Example of resolv.conf:

nameserver options timeout:30



Install VMWare ESXi HP MicroServer Gen8

Install ESXi on hard disk:  Manage HardDisk with SSA, Launched from SPP

Download HP SPP image from HP web site (
Create bootable USB disk with HP SPP image
Update Firmware with SPP USB disk (Automatic)
Create Logic disk with SPP USB disk (Interactive)


Install ESXi on SD Card:  Select SD Card as the first Removable Media

Power on
Press  F9 during POST, Enter into Setup ROM Utility
System Option / USB option



 Install ESXi

  1. Download VMware ESXi ISO image from HP/VMWare website
  2. Launch iLO4 remote console
  3. Mount Virtual DVD disk with VMware ESXi ISO image within iLO4 remote console
  4. Boot HP Gen8 Server with Virtual DVD disk
  5. Install VMware ESXi  (on SD disk)
  6. Reboot
  7. Download VSphere Client for Windows from http://MicroServer_NIC_IP
  8. Install VSphere Client into windows7 workstation
  9. Launch VSphere Client and Install Ubuntu 12 on virtual machine
  10. Generate VSphere License Key on Ubuntu  & register within VSphere Client
  •   sudo apt-get update
  •   sudo apt-get install wine
  •   sudo apt-get unrar
  •   wget
  •   unrar e VMv6
  •   wine KEYGEN.EXE
  •   Choose  VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus & generate key
  •   Copy the generate key to VSphere client