GRUB boot entry

Change Grub behavior::

             Modify grub config file:    /etc/default/grub

            Update /boot/grub/grub.cfg by command “sudo update-grub”


Boot from saved entry

           Modify grub config file as following:



List grub boot entry::

           cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Change the default boot entry

         grub-set-default  entry_num 


Set One time boot

       grub-reboot entry_num

SIP config for Gizmo5

  • Proxy Server (Host):
  • Proxy Server (IP):
  • Registration Server:
  • SIP Port (UDP): 5060
  • STUN Server:
  • STUN Port: 3478
  • User ID: 17471115555 (replacing with your 1747)
  • Auth ID: 17471115555 (replacing with your 1747)
  • Password: (your gizmo5 password)